How to Make Your Father Happy ? 11 Realistic Ways to Make Dad Happy


As we become older, we become more self-reliant as we learn what we are capable of and what we want to do. Of course, this is a positive development, and any parent would be pleased and gratified to see their children spread their wings and fly.

However, one of the tragic aspects of growing up is that we must leave our parents behind in order to pursue our dreams. We may keep in touch with them, but we spend less and less time with them. We might not realise it along the way, but our parents are undoubtedly already feeling abandoned.

Let's discuss about dads in greater detail now. Do you have any ideas how you might make your father happy now that you have your own life? Whether or not you live with your parents, you can still use the following methods to improve your connection with your father.

There are numerous genuine and proven ways to make your father happy, to express gratitude for the extraordinary sacrifices he has made for you, to lift his spirits, and to aid him as he matures.

I've always wanted to do something exceptional for my father to show my gratitude for all of his small and kind acts of compassion and care toward me.

I looked for monetary gifts, one-of-a-kind private experiences, methods to make his dreams come true for me, and any other way to win his heart.

I often think about the things my father did for me that only a loving and caring father could do: waiting patiently for hours at the doctor's office when I was sick after an excruciatingly long day at work; making special efforts to help me learn the rules of Quran recitation and beautify it; encouraging me to write and speak by spending weekends editing my writings and speeches when I was 12; and so on.

Whatever your connection with your father is, and whether he was a good father or not, it's critical to be as totally reconciled with him as possible before he departs. Whether it's confirming what a fantastic father he was to you as a child or forgiving him for his mistakes, here are five things you must say to your father before he dies.

But don't put it off. Don't think to yourself, "I'll have that chat with him when he's very, really old." No, if it's worth sharing, it should be shared now. Tomorrow is not certain.

Here are the realistic ways to make your father happy-


Reach out to your father and hug him, especially if you're a teen who "doesn't do that." The human embrace is a force to be reckoned with. It evokes feelings of warmth, tenderness, and togetherness. It says what the mouth cannot. It speaks the language of the heart when the will to express such feelings is weak.

Allow the hug to last a little too long, a little longer than seems comfortable, for the maximum effect. Dad may feel uneasy as well (depending on his personality and hug history), but the memory of the hug will outlive the awkward moment the lingering hug may cause in the moment.

If your family already hugs (like mine does), try a shoulder rub instead. It can communicate the same message as a hug.

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2. Spend regular time with Him.

Make sure you don't forget about your father. If you are too busy, make it a point to date him or chat with him over dinner at least once a week.

If you live a long distance away, you can pay him as many visits as you want. If visiting him in person is not possible owing to distance, a phone call or video conference would be very appreciated.

3.Surprise Him On His Birthday And Other Special Days.

Another approach to make your papa feel loved and happy is to be attentive on special occasions, especially his birthday. It will be lovely to give him gifts.

Spending time with him or both of your parents, on the other hand, will be more significant. You can share these wonderful occasions with one another. You can treat them outside if you have the means.


Thank your father for being the guy he is (however flawed that may have been). Chances are, he recognises his flaws far more clearly than his virtues). Describe a trait, quality, or recollection from your past that stands out as something you admire about him.

"Hey, dad, remember when..." is a nice place to start.


Men are amusing creatures. Respect is essential to our survival. On Father's Day, do your best to show your appreciation. Your father may have a particular interpretation of respect. Give it a go as long as it does not violate any moral or legal codes. It's an excellent gift for a man, especially if he isn't used to receiving it.


Pick up a broom and sweep with your father as he cleans the garage. There's no need to ask him what you can do to assist. Also, there's no need to say anything like, "Hey, dad, I'm giving you the gift of helping you today." Simply begin. Crouch down with a light or offer him the wrench if he's under the car. Start tugging the weeds yourself if he's pulling them. It will mean a great deal to him.


"Dad, I was just curious what you felt of..." These are powerful remarks for a father who is probably used to know-it-all kids and daughters who roll their eyes whenever he opens his mouth. Such asks for fatherly guidance express a strong sense of interest, trust, and respect. Especially if you don't follow his counsel, and even if you know you won't, listen respectfully and appreciate what he has to share. Many fathers like such opportunities to express themselves about issues that are important to their children.


Let this one be a metaphor for doing whatever it is your father constantly nagging you to do but you don't seem to get around to doing as often as you should. Do your chores, homework, or treat your younger brother with respect! On Father's Day, a father will have a lovely day.

8. Recognize your father's worries and concerns for you:

What is your father's primary concern as he gets out of bed every morning? What stresses him out the most at work while he juggles several tasks? What is going through his thoughts as he prays? What emotions and concerns keep him awake at night? What are his hopes and dreams?

Chances are, you are involved in the majority of his fears, pressures, prayers, and hopes. Whether or not your father often expresses his sentiments or concerns to you and your family, make an effort to understand and appreciate his fears for you and your future. Parents want to be heard as they get older. You may not agree with everything your father says, but this simple act of listening to him will give him the respect and sense of authority he deserves.

9. Include Your Father in Decision-Making:

When was the last time you spoke with your father about your academic or professional goals? Did you ever give him an update on his school grades (apart from the fact that they may be 'below the C level')? Do you talk to him about the criteria you want to employ to choose your marriage partner? Did you take his advice on naming your child?

This practise of mutual consultation, or 'Shura,' is not only good, but it is also a right of every family member, particularly your parents, to participate in. Of course, you can't heed everyone's preferences when deciding on a career or marriage, but the fact that you solicited and seriously considered your father's opinion should be enough to put his mind at ease.

10. Fulfill Your Father's Success Dreams: 

If there is one thing that every father in the world is concerned about, it is the success of his son or daughter. How often has your father said to you, "The only thing I want for you is success," or "I want you to focus on creating your profession so you can be successful?"

While you may dismiss such needs as inconsequential, it is critical that you pay attention to his actual desires. Without a doubt, most Muslim parents expend all of their time, energy, and resources to ensure that their children receive the greatest education possible. This is their approach of helping you succeed.

Learn to express your thanks and concern. You may not always be able to satisfy your father's academic or career ambitions for you by becoming a doctor or engineer, but you may absolutely flourish in a field in which you are interested and could specialise. Demonstrate to him that you are'successful' in your own right. Explain to him that the term "success" is relative. What could bring a father more joy than seeing his kid or daughter triumph in both worlds? Showing your father that you are an achiever is a good way to win his love.

11. Attribute Your Positive Characteristics and Success to Your Father:

Many of us believe that our accomplishments and great attributes are unique to us. We 'deserved' all of the attention. We deserve full credit.

If you are a successful business owner, remember how your father taught you how to interact with people and passed on his business knowledge to you. Recognize the confidence your father instilled in you to lead and move others if you are a charismatic leader today. If you are a budding artist, recall how your father encouraged you to express yourself and assisted you in your practise. If others compliment you on your kind attitude and honourable nature, remember your father's fine manners.

According to research on parent-child relationships and child welfare, a father's love is an important predictor of a child's and young adult's social, emotional, and cognitive growth and functioning.

Give your parents the recognition they deserve. Declare it in public. Allow those who benefit from your achievement and positive attributes to know the source of your success. Recognize your father's patience, support, and love in getting you there, even if he didn't have a direct role in your success and recognition. Nothing warms a father's heart faster than simple gratitude for his lifelong dedication to your development.